Sunday, September 16, 2007

Versailles....the second coming???

On Friday, September 14th, I had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting, in person and live, Sen. Fred D. Thompson, from the great state of Tennessee. His arrival at Versailles Restaurant, the epicenter of Cuban American politics in Miami-Dade County was nothing short of spectacular.

His stump speech, laden with principles of conservatism and genuine American common sense, was magnificently received by his supporters. Speaking without the aid of notes of any kind, he articulated and conveyed a message of American revival and renewal for this and future generations.

Moreover, striking the right local cords he denounced the Castro dictatorship, the mullahs in Iran and the malevolent tyrant in Caracas. It is clear that with Thompson at the helm, there will be no pussyfooting with those squalid regimes.

Let's wait and see if he is, as some postulate, the second coming of the inimitable Ronald Wilson Reagan. Will he be the Republican candidate that will be able to bring together all the divergent elements of the Reagan coalition, for the November 2008 elections???
Time will tell if he can live up to those huge expectations...

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