Thursday, May 22, 2008

That Goldwater girl

Last evening I went to the Bank United Center at the Univ. of Miami, in order to see & hear HRC for the first time, en vivo. I came away with an intense feeling of excitement and admiration for the Senator from the Empire State. The roughly 3,500 person ramunctious crowd truly went wild when she came out to give her stump speech, off the cuff.

After being introduced by UM President Donna Shalala and Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, the erstwhile First Lady magically appeared in her traditional blue pant suit. It had all the aura and trappings of a rock concert and she was in full force and command throughout.

In remarks that lasted about 40 minutes Sen. Clinton hammered away at the DNC for not recognizing either Florida’s or Michigan’s votes, at the President, George Walker Bush, for his failures on the economy, health care, Iraq, student loans, science, etc.

In terms of her intra-party opponent, the Senator lambasted Barack Hussein Obama for being the weaker candidate against Sen. John McCain and for his lack of focus & experience.
“Look at the states I’ve won. Look at the states I’m leading in. Look at the electoral map. It is clear I’m the stronger candidate....Stay with me. Let’s make history together.”

Although, I have some philosophical differences with the Iron Lady of the Democratic Party, I also, now, have great admiration and respect for her tenacity, her unbridled determination and her political toughness, to boot.

She is a fighter and apparently can throw down some heavy duty Vodka, as evidenced from her Estonia trip with Senator McCain and others!

It would be awesome, if this November Americans could choose between Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, both of which have the talent and acumen to be Commander-in-Chief…

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