Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ronnie Be Good

Ron Wood, guitarist for the World's Greatest Rock & Roll band, the Rolling Stones, has fallen off the wagon...Big Time!!!

In a vodka induced binge & haze the 61 year old rocker has ran off to Ireland with 19 year old, Ekaterina Ivanova. The Russian cocktail waitress from Kazakhstan has become Wood's partying sexual companion and sometimes muse for his paintings.

Page Six is reporting that, "He's on a bender, drinking two bottles of vodka a day. He met this girl at a club, and she followed him over to Ireland. She's become his drinking buddy."

Jo Wood, his 53 year old wife, has been sending divergent signals as to the nature of the relationship between her husband and the blond vixen but, "whatever the case may be, Rolling Stones band mates are urging Wood to get help. The Daily Telegraph reports that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and even Rod Stewart, have all called Woods several times out of concern that he has hit rock bottom."

Let's all hope and pray that this story ends well, for Ron Wood's sake, for his family, for his band mates and close friends.

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