Wednesday, January 28, 2009

St. Thomas Aquinas-Holcaust update


Israel's chief rabbinate severs Vatican ties (AP)

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UPDATE 1: affirms that Benedict XVI very clearly delineated his abhorrence towards any attempt to minimize the Holocaust:

"The memories and images of my many visits to Auschwitz come back to me in these days, a death camp in which blind racial and religious hatred led to the ferocious extermination of millions of Jews and other innocent victims."

Then Pope Benedict firmly said "While I renew my affection for and complete solidarity with our Brothers of the First Alliance, I urge that the memory of the Shoah lead humanity to reflect on the unforeseeable power of evil when it conquers the Human Heart. May the Shoah be a warning to all against oblivion, against denial or revisionism, because violence committed against any one single human being is violence against all humanity.

No man is an island, a well known poet once wrote. The Shoah teaches both the new and older generations, that only the demanding journey of listening and dialogue, of love and forgiveness can lead the world’s peoples, cultures and religions towards the desired goal of brotherhood and peace in truth. Never again may violence humiliate the dignity of man!"

First Things notes that Benedict XVI stated that "the Holocaust remains a warning against the power of evil and all forms of oblivion and negationism."

On a sad note, Rabbi Leon Klenicki, a champion of broadened Jewish-Catholic relations passed away.

Hat Tip: Catholic Fire

Read about this incredible Saint & Doctor of the Church @ A Catholic View, Musings from a Catholic Bookstore and The Catholic Thing.

On another matter BBC Europe is reporting that Benedict XVI feels "full and indisputable solidarity" with Jews and is categorically rejecting Bishop Richard Williamson's detestable views regarding the Holocaust.

Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, has taken the initiative to forbid Bishop Williamson from making any more public pronouncements.

Lastly, read the Holy Father's weekly audience remarks in English here.

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