Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pope Visits Israel in May

Will Heaven, writing in today's The Jerusalem Post, posits the following regarding Benedict XVI's upcoming trip to the Holy Land:

Benedict - in spite of recent events - remains one of the most pro-Israel leaders in the political world. Like his mentor, the previous pope, who called the Jewish people "our elder brothers," Benedict XVI has consistently attempted to express his "full and unquestionable solidarity" with Israel and the Jewish people, as he did when he visited Auschwitz three years ago. When he visits Israel in May, his reception will probably be very different from his predecessor's. But his prayers at the Western Wall will be just as earnest, and the gesture as profound. It is this yearning for cooperation in the face of new and horrible threats to Israel that must remain a priority. (Read entire article)

See H2O News video clip of confirmation of the May trip by the Vatican and Prime Minister Olmert here.

As reported in Haartez, PM Olmert indicated recently that "this May, we will receive a special visitor, Pope Benedict XVI...President Shimon Peres will accompany him to various sites in Israel."

In light of recent complications in Judeo-Catholic relations the Pope, has reaffirmed, that any attempt to diminish the Shoah runs counter to the most basic tenets of the Catholic faith.

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