Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pope Challenges Muslims on Violence

"Genuine religion thus widens the horizon of human understanding and stands at the base of any authentically human culture. It rejects all forms of violence and totalitarianism: not only on principles of faith, but also of right reason." Pope Benedict XVI

In his March 19th meeting with Cameroon Muslims, Benedict XVI went on to display, as NCRegister's Tom McFeeley asserts, an "intellectual fearlessness: Remember how his comments in 2005 in Regensburg, Bavaria — noting that Islam may be prone to committing violence in the name of religion because Islam appears to conceive of God as being beyond reason — incited waves of violent protest in Islamic countries? And how those comments incited waves of unfounded criticism from Western commentators that Benedict had unjustly criticized the Islamic religion?"

Read entire original article & commentary here.

Hat Tip: GateWay Pundit


Always On Watch said...

Seems to me that Islam is not a genuine religion -- based on those criteria in the article.

I happen to agree.

Carlos Echevarria said...

I agree with you, it always was and has been the Cult of Muhammad, and his early descendents who split the camps...