Friday, June 12, 2009

D-Fish the Assassin!!!

UPDATE 2: H/T Pastorius

UPDATE 1: 15TH Title is at hand

Pictures courtesy of LA Times

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Kobe Bryant is one win from an NBA title to call his own. Derek Fisher got him there. Fisher forced overtime with a 3-pointer with 4.6 seconds left in regulation and then drilled another one with 31.3 seconds to go in overtime as the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted the Orlando Magic 99-91 in Game 4 on Thursday night to open a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals.

It was the first time since 1984, when Magic Johnson's Lakers and Larry Bird's Celtics hooked up, that two games in a finals have gone to overtime.

When the clock expired, Bryant, trying to win his first championship without Shaquille O'Neal, looked at Tiger Woods and wiped sweat from his brow in relief. Fisher, who has bailed out the Lakers in plenty of big games before, thrust both arms in the air in triumph.

The Lakers can wrap up their 15th title on Sunday night in Game 5.

Bryant finished with 32 points, eight assists and seven rebounds. Trevor Ariza and Pau Gasol each had 16 for Los Angeles, which came back from a 12-point halftime deficit. Ariza had 13 of the Lakers' 30 points in the third quarter.

The Lakers are 7-0 following a loss in this postseason.

Unless they can force a Game 6, the Magic will remember this as another finals game that got away.

Dwight Howard was magnificent everywhere but at the free-throw line. Orlando's superman of a center had 16 points, 21 rebounds and a finals-record nine blocks. But he made just 6 of 14 foul shots, and it was his two crucial misses with 11.1 seconds to go in regulation that doomed the Magic.

First, Fisher, who has made a career of hitting memorable shots in clutch situations, pulled up and without hesitating dropped a 3-pointer over Orlando's Jameer Nelson with 4.6 seconds left to tie it 87-87. The shot stunned the Magic's maniacal crowd, which was hoping the home team could win its second straight finals game after dropping its first six.

"I was just going to take over and kind of survey the situation but Nelson was giving me a lot of space and I like to step into those 3s," Fisher said. "Even though I wasn't making them, I felt like I could do that. I felt good to help the team that way."

Fisher had missed his first five 3s, but came up with one the little left-hander will cherish forever.

"My teammates and my coaches kept giving me that confidence to continue to believe in myself," Fisher said. "I wanted to come through for the guys."

Just as they did in Game 2, Orlando had one final try, and this time guard Courtney Lee, who misfired on a tougher-than-it-looked layup in that loss, wasn't on the floor. The Magic inbounded the ball to Mickael Pietrus, but his long and contested jumper was off.

Bryant scored two quick baskets in the overtime, and Howard tied it when he split two free throws with 1:27 remaining.

On L.A.'s next trip, Ariza grabbed his own miss to get another 24 seconds and Fisher lined up and drilled his 3-pointer from the top of the key to make it 94-91.

As he retreated down court and Orlando called a timeout, the Lakers bench stormed onto the court and surrounded the popular 34-year-old Fisher, who came back to the team after a short stint in Utah.
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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher ties the game at the end of regulation and hits a huge 3 to secure the lead late in overtime for the Lakers third win of the series, 99-91.

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Pastorius said...

Fisher is so amazingly humble. Hell, I am less humble about last night's win, and I didn't have anything to do with it (unless maybe the Lakers could hear me cheering from my living room - and that is a distinct possibility, much to my neighbor's frustration).

What's interesting is how no one really had a good game last night, yet the Lakers pulled out something every time they needed it.

Ariza, of course, stood out in the third quarter, bringing them back, but other than the blaze of brilliance in the third quarter, he did not have that steady Ariza game.

Fisher missed all five 3 attempts before the two at the end of the game. How a man would have confidence to keep the ball away from Kobe (which he did, thank God) and take that shot himself shows that he does this stuff on Faith. If I'm not mistaken, he actually said that in the ABC interview right after the game.

They said last night that Fisher has hit more game=winning shots in the Finals than anyone in history other than Jordan and Horry.

They really ought to start a special wing in the NBA Hall of Fame for Horry and Fisher.

Pastorius said...

On the topic of Fisher's assassin-like quality, check out the LOOK ON HIS FACE at :37 of this video

Carlos Echevarria said...

How about that amazing 3 by Ariza with time running down in the 4th???

You are right about Horry and Jordan.

Yeah, my mom could hear my screaming at the end, esp. on Pau's first dunk.

Did u see Barry saying Pau was disrespecting the Magic by dunking the ball at the end.