Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Attorney General for Alaska?

Gov. Palin's new Attorney General nominee:

SOLDOTNA - Gov. Sarah Palin on Tuesday appointed a former Anchorage lawyer with White House and State Department service to be Alaska's new attorney general, just weeks after state lawmakers rejected her last choice.

Daniel S. Sullivan, 44, a former U.S. assistant secretary of state in the Bush administration, must be confirmed by the Legislature, but will serve in the role until lawmakers reconvene in January.

A blue chip resume - including a bachelor's degree from Harvard and law degree from Georgetown - coupled with his professional experience were hailed as a boon for the state's law department, which had been the focus of tensions between Palin and lawmakers since she was the Republican vice presidential candidate.

"This is a remarkable man and we are fortunate he is repatriating himself in Alaska," said Rep. Jay Ramras, R-Fairbanks, House Judiciary Committee co-chairman.

Palin's last pick for attorney general was the controversial Wayne Anthony Ross, an Anchorage attorney and National Rifle Association director who became the first-ever gubernatorial pick rejected by Alaska lawmakers earlier this year. Ross had been nominated to replace Talis Colberg, who resigned in the aftermath of the Legislature's investigation into Palin's firing last summer of her public safety commissioner.

Rep. Beth Kerttula, D-Juneau, said she was looking forward to asking Sullivan about his legal philosophy and who he thinks he should represent as attorney general - a concern that led her to oppose Palin's last nominee for the post.

"My belief is the attorney general represents the people, not the governor," she said.

Sullivan was quick to allay that lingering suspicion some lawmakers had with both Colberg and Ross. Sullivan said he has a very clear sense of the responsibilities of the position, as dictated by state statute.

"As attorney general, the ultimate responsibility and duty is to the laws and the constitution of the state of Alaska," he said. (Read entire article)
Picture courtesy of AP-M. Scott Moon

Wow, Ramras already on board...pretty shocking but this is a pretty solid candidate as was Wayne Anthony Ross, who was demonized and destroyed by radicals hell bent on embarrassing the Governor, at any cost.

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