Sunday, June 7, 2009

Odom & Gasol Lead Lakers to Victory

UPDATE 1: D-Fish and Pau

Derek Fisher came up big late in the game tonight, especially with a steal he got against J.J. Redick with 1:56 left in overtime.

He drove the lane with 5:27 left in regulation, split two defenders and made a layup to tie the game at 77. He had the assist on Pau Gasol's layup that tied the score at 88 with 33 seconds left and insured the Lakers would get to overtime. There was the Redick steal and the ensuing free throws. And then with 26 seconds left, Fisher caught the inbounds pass and brought the ball up the floor and got it to Lamar Odom, who was fouled and made two free throws in the bonus situation.
Read about the Pau Gasol factor last evening here.

NBA post game breakdown here.

Los Angeles Lakers take Game 2, winning 101-96 in overtime.

Photo courtesy of Daylife-AP.

See box score here.


Pastorius said...

I must be getting complacent. I thought the Lakers played a good game last night, except for their coverage of Rashard Lewis in one quarter.

Then, I wake up this morning and read the LA Times saying, "The Lakers barely hang on ... it wasn't Kobe's night," etc.

No, I think the Lakers played well, kept to their game plan, and the Magic had a really good game, and still lost.

Turkoglu and Lewis combined to go 9-18 from the 3 point line. Much of that was Lewis. Odom broke down on defending Lewis because he was overwhelmed with sticking to Howard for double-teams.

But believe me, if he wouldn't have been double-teaming Howard, Howard would have been a lot more trouble than Turkoglu and Lewis.

The rest of the Magic were 1-12 on their threes. This is because the Lakers played a great defense last night.

People look at the stat line and see Howard had 17-16. Those are good numbers, but they are 40-23 like Howard did to the Cavs.

Believe me, the Lakers are really doing a number on the Magic. People just aren't giving the Magic enough credit. For the Magic to have lost two games in a row, the Lakers have to have been playing very well.

Ariza played an almost perfect game last night. it is a given, his shooting was sub-par, but the dude seemingly never makes mistakes on defense or passing. I was amazed.

Considering I fully expected the magic to take game 2, I am very pleased with what has happened so far.

By the way, having watched two games in a row now, can you see why I say I am not impressed by Turkoglu? Turkoglu is a poor man's Lamar Odom. Rashard Lewis ought to be a hell of a lot better for the money they pay him.

They pay Lewis like a game-changer, and he simply is not that.

As Jeff Van Gundy said last night, the Magic do not have a player who can put the ball on the floor and create his own offense like Kobe. And, you know what? Kobe isn't the only guy on the Lakers who can do that. Last night we saw Fisher, Ariza, Odom, and Kobe do that. On other nights we are also likely to see Farmar and Shannon Brown create their own offense.

So, if the Lakers excel so much in that category, why do I give the Magic so much credit? Because Howard is an AMAZING player who is a perfect setup for their team of great outside shooters.

And, the Lakers are taking all of that away from the magic.

Great job.

Carlos Echevarria said...

I thought Turkoglu played well last evening, and Lewis can downing those threes...

You are right, Magic are a heck of a team and they gave a tough, hard punch, the Lakers took and fought back with everything in their arsenal.

Playmakers last night were Odom, Pau, Fisher primarily, even in the closing seconds.

Big free throw shooting, as well...clutch!

Did you see Kobe's post game interview, he speaks Spanish????

I knew he spoke Italian cuz he grew up there and Spanish is similar but he communicates with Pau in Spanish!!!

I speak both Spanish and Portuguese and soon will take Italian sometime this fall...I know a little French too.

I have all these miles accumulated from flying over Latin America on business, via American, which i want to utilize for a trip to Rome. (yes, other than understanding Benedict I would like to be able to speak to the pretty girls, LOL)

But I digress.

Kobe talked alot last evening about adjustments and him not reading the open man, on the last shot he took in regulation, he had Ariza open for a 3 or long 2...

He is really focused.

Did you notice Van Gundy or Jackson said he was basically an Assistant Coach out there???

You are totally right about the Howard defense, either we double down on him and let him kick out, living with Lewis/Turk taking the shots or he eats us up inside.

I think Fish was really big last night, shooting, dishing, penetrating, defense, poise, etc.

Pastorius said...

Fish was big.

Turkoglu was good, but neither he or Lewis can match Lamar Odom's impact for the Lakers.

Lamar is a great player, and as per usual, he is showing up bigtime in the playoffs.

I think the Lakers stand a much better shot if they close down Howard than if they try to close down Turk or Lewis.

Lewis and Turk have shown they aren't true impact players. Howard is capable of being an impact player.

I am very happy, thus far.

I have a hard time believing the Magic can take two in a row against this Lakers team. They might take one.

And now, I'll digress. Italian women are beautiful Awesome that you're going over there.

What's your favorite South American country? I've always been interested in Brazil. I love their music. Do you ever listen to Milton Nascimento?