Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chavez-Zelaya Inciting Rebellion & Murder

Curfew back in effect in Honduras....Gee, I wonder why?:

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Honduras' interim government suggested that backers of ousted President Manuel Zelaya were taking up arms to return him to power and it reinstated an overnight curfew it had lifted only days earlier.

Interim President Roberto Micheletti said Wednesday that forces he didn't identify "were handing out some guns" to foment rebellion.

A day earlier, Zelaya said Hondurans have the right to launch an insurrection against an illegitimate government — referring to a clause in the country's constitution — and warned he would pull out of talks to solve the crisis if the interim government does not quickly leave.

"There are reports, I don't know if they are real, I haven't been officially informed, that there is a group of armed people and that Zelaya is going to enter over the Nicaraguan border this Saturday," said Micheletti, the former congressional leader who was sworn in to serve out the final six months of Zelaya's term following the June 28 coup.

He added that "we still have confidence that this problem will be resolved through dialogue." Talks on ending the crisis are scheduled to resume Saturday, mediated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias.

But a government statement read on television said a midnight-5 a.m. curfew was being imposed starting Wednesday night. It cited "continuing and open threats by groups looking to provoke disturbances and disorder."

On Sunday, officials had lifted a similar curfew in force since the coup, saying they had civil unrest under control.

Earlier Wednesday, Micheletti offered to step down "if at some point that decision is needed to bring peace and tranquility to the country." But he said that hinged on guarantees that Zelaya would not return to power.

Zelaya was not immediately available for comment, but the offer appeared unlikely to resolve the crisis over the coup, in which soldiers seized Zelaya and hustled him out of the country on a plane.

If Micheletti were to resign, under Honduran law the presidency would pass to Supreme Court President Jorge Rivera. The Supreme Court backed the coup, ruling that Zelaya had violated the law by attempting to hold a vote about whether to write a new constitution.

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Lew Waters said...

I fail to understand how any other leader would advocate Zelaya be returned to power in Honduras when he is calling for basically a Civil War to return him for just a few months.

Totally irresponsible on his part and embarrassing that our own government continues to back him.

Then again, our current government seems to be headed down the same path, aligning itself with the likes of Hugo Chavez.

Your site in support of Honduras is a welcome sight and one I hope more are duplicating.

Nice too to see you are in Miami as I am a South Florida native myself, now in the Pacific Northwest.

Keep up the fine work you do in supporting a free and democratic Honduras.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Lew, thanks for comments here on my blog.

My father has been conducting business in Honduras for over 45 years and during the 60-80's he was a company man...

We know Honduras from a political, demographic, tourism, social, etc. perpective.

You are 100% right in terms of Mel Zelaya and his master, Hugo Chavez.

Obama waited 11 days to say anything whatsoever about the Iranian protestors and on the first day here called for a return to power of the socialist thug, Mel Zelaya.

And everyone adopted the language of manipulation, for there was "no coup"!!!

I appreciate your visit here and please keep coming back.

Funny that you relocated because i am meaning to move to either Tampa, Georgia, eastern Tennessee or Texas.

Lew Waters said...

Thanks, Carlos.

The relocation came about mostly because of my first trip home from Viet Nam and seeing the country up here.

Seeing how flat Dade and Broward Counties were, the mountains and trees up here seemed majestic to me.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Lew thanks for you service to the republic in Vietnam, I saw the badges/pics on your blog.

I hear you about the mountains, as i have been in northern California, had a deal going to buy property in Eastern Tenn., but it fell through

patrick said...

Thanks for the insight. People have been very upset with the rhetoric and it brings back the arguments that were present while Zelaya was in the country. Differences I have not seen in all my years in Honduras. I expect it is Zelaya's intention to cause as much confusion as possible and create division among the people.

Today there were callers in to the radio saying that they have 5000 people in Zelaya's home town ready to join him when he returns. As you note, that has the makings of a civil war and all just so Zelaya can complete a few months in office.

These are not signs of a stable mind. To go to these extremes one can only think that his plan has been all along to form a new government.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Patrick, thanks for commenting here on my blog.

I guess you are an expat down in Honduras?

As you probably saw on the comments thread my family has a long history in that Central American nation.

Zelaya was and remains a socialist thug whose goal was to send the nation down the road of 21st Century socialism, and become a colony of Hugo Chavez.

The man is evidently not rational when he calls for a rebellion, at the same time he sends people to negotiate on his behalf to San Jose like Enrique "40 Million Lempiras" Flores Lanza, Mejia and Jimenez. (all delinquents)

I pray to the good Lord for Roberto Micheletti, for the Honduras Armed Forces and the gallant people of Honduras who against all odds are standing up to tyranny and oppresion....

Did you see my letter to the Ambassador, Hugo Llorens?

He is for all intents and purposes representing Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez there.

Llorens is a major scumbag who went after my friend Enrique Ortez Colindres, a true patriot who had the temerity to tell the world that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a moron!