Saturday, July 4, 2009

Honduran Cardinal Tells Mel: Stay Away

Cardinal admonishes ousted petty tyrant, Mel Zelaya, to desist:

TEGUCIGALPA -- A top church leader called on ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to reconsider his return, and to recall three of the Ten Commandments.

Local channels interrupted their regular programming to air a statement by Tegucigalpa's Archbishop Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Saturday morning, who addressed viewers in front of a Honduran flag and a painting of Jesus Christ.*

''On the day of your inauguration you cited three commandments of the rules of God -- not to lie, not to steal, not to kill,'' Rodríguez said. ``If you respect life, if you love life. . .please meditate because if not it could be too late.''

Rodríguez called on the Organization of American States (OAS) and other world leaders to reconsider their support of Zelaya.

Friday night, Honduras' new government withdrew from the InterAmerican diplomatic union following a visit from the organization's president José Miguel Insulza, who had attempted to broker a deal for Zelaya's return.

''To the Organization of American States, please pay attention to everything illegal that was happening before the 28th of June,'' Rodríguez said. ``This is a community that will define our own destiny without any unilateral pressures. We renounce any blockades, which will only hurt the poor.''

Dressed in the traditional black shirt, coat, and priestly white collar, Rodríguez said he spoke on behalf of 11 other Catholic bishops who signed a statement ``in support of peace. (Picture courtesy of El Heraldo)
Salvador Allende devotee and Chavez errand boy Insulza got no satisfaction in Tegucigapla:

Insulza, who was in Tegulcigalpa on Friday, met with the country's Supreme Court, attorney general and other political figures.

"We wanted to ask that this situation be reversed," Insulza told reporters after the meeting. "Unfortunately, one must say that there appears to be no willingness to do this."

Honduras' Supreme Court, which had authorized the coup, said it would not agree to reinstate the toppled leftist leader.

Micheletti's interim government — which has blamed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for stoking the crisis — appeared ready to settle in for the long haul.

"If Honduras is out of the OAS, well, we will be isolated ... little by little we will regain the confidence of other nations, because we are a valiant people who have said 'enough' to Chavez," said Micheletti's assistant foreign minister, Martha Lorena Alvarado.

"We will not retreat," she said, "and Zelaya's return is not negotiable."

Micheletti led a raucous chant of "Democracy!" before a giant crowd Friday waving blue-and-white Honduran flags in front of the palace he has occupied since Zelaya was seized by soldiers on June 28 and flown into exile.

"I am the president of all Hondurans," he proclaimed, as police helicopters circled over the heavily guarded palace. (Read entire article)

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*For the record, Oscar Andres Rodriguez is a Cardinal and related to my niece


robert verdi said...

I think the Honduran people are going to see this through.

Carlos Echevarria said...

God willing they will Robert...

Padre Steve said...

I am very happy to see that Cardinal Rodriguez is speaking out. I knew that he would eventually. It is a very delicate spot to be in I am sure. I know Cardinal Oscar for a long time. He gave my retreat before my ordination (he is a Salesian too) and he is a very good man. We need to pray for him and for the Church in Honduras. God willing justice will prevail and peace.!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Cardinal Rodriguez is the great uncle of my niece.

Moreover, my father had been conducting business in Honduras for well over 45 years.

Thank you for your support and for cross posting this material.

I believe that at the last conclave he received some votes.

We must pray indeed for Honduras...