Friday, July 17, 2009

Honduras in the Crosshairs

Honduras Friday Round-Up:

Chavez is reiterating that Zelaya will be entering Honduras within hours (more dis-information)

US State Department advises Zelaya to not return at this juncture

Marxist agitators and union members are blocking trade access to and from Honduras, via El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala

Honduran armed forces ready to fight for their liberty and retain territorial integrity, talk of division is false

US Sec of State Clinton warns Chavez to cease interfering in Honduras and calls for a negotiated settlement

Zelaya hooligans impeding roads, creating chaos and transit problems

Micheletti chief of staff states he is open to resolving political conundrum, within the confines of the constitution

Armed Forces of Honduras are cognizant of both foreign and internal threats

G-16 will assist the electoral process in Honduras this fall

Illegal call center intervened, $17 million dollars USD spent in marketing of the 4th urna (ballot box)

Nicaraguan strong man Daniel Ortega excoriates Micheletti and Honduran armed forces

Video and documentation of Zelaya chief of staff, Enrique Flores Lanza, stealing $2 million dollars USD from the central bank of Honduras days before illegal vote

Chavez harasses and invariably threatens Honduras


christian soldier said...

Glad that the military personnel are standing together ---to protect the Constitutional governance of Honduras ...
Surprised to see that S of S Clinton has taken a stand---
Keep us posted--
I still want to visit Honduras--

Carlos Echevarria said...

This could be the first shot across the bow of the internecine war we are hearing about between Camp Clinton and Team Obama!

Unlike him, she has been more nuanced, as she should be, (remember 3am ad).

Plus, the pro Micheletti Hondurans did a very smart thing in hiring Lanny Davis to represent their interest in DC.

christian soldier said...

Thank you-the pieces to the puzzle are becoming more and more apparent ...