Monday, July 6, 2009

Honduras Repels Zelaya

Vice Foreign Minister, Martha Lorena Alvador, Presidente Roberto Micheletti Bain and Foreign Minister, Dr. Enrique Ortez Colindres

Links and latest updates:

Staged photos have been manipulated to garner support for Zelaya

Enrique Flores Lanza, Zelaya's chief of staff sought for theft of $2 million dollars of state funds

4 ex associates of Zelaya in the state telephone company have been indicted for corruption, arrest warrants issued

Honduras willing to talk to OAS in an environment of mutual respect

"Protests" undertaken by Zelaya "supporters" are paid for

Zelaya's world wing tours...who is paying for this?

Chavez belittles Honduras as the weak link in his notorious alliance

Tegucigalpa airport closed for security reasons

Zelaya's unsuccessful flight to Honduras

UN Gen. Secretary denounces Honduras, how about Kim Jung-il?

Honduras main airport closed for 48 hours

Zelaya has propitiated the first deaths in this situation

Salesians in Louisiana ask for prayers for Honduras

Fausta on the prowl of Zelaya propaganda

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