Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Support President Roberto Micheletti

And apparently, Italy, Israel, Taiwan and Egypt does as well!

These nations have recognized the new government of Honduras.

Actual number of charges leveled against the ex strongman Zelaya is 4, as conveyed to the Interpol, as opposed to the 18 cited beforehand. Nevertheless, he remains an international fugitive.

I found this graphic on Twitter from some new found friends, copy, enlarge and utilize it at your discretion.


Lew Waters said...

I'm glad to hear some nations are supporting Democracy in Honduras. It is embarrassing that America doesn't.

If I may be so bold, I just placed a post on my own blog to this matter, Man Up Obama, Recognize The Honduran Government.

Feel free to use any or all of it to further the cause of a free Honduras, if you desire.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Excuse my delay in responding Lew, thank you very much, I will cross post it this evening, as the negotiations are wrapping up.