Saturday, July 25, 2009

Legion of Doom Amateur Hour-UPDATED BELOW

The original Legion of Doom, from whence Fidel and Hugo drew their inspiration...

The modern day Legion of Doom, (L-R) Juan Evo Morales Ayma-Bolivia, Jose Manuel "Mel" Zelaya Rosales-Honduras, José Daniel Ortega Saavedra-Nicaragua, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías-Venezuela and Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado-Ecuador.

Allende boot licking, Chavez employee, OAS Chief José Miguel Insulza Salinas with Mel Zelaya who is probably dreaming about his gal pal who wears the pants in their relationship, Patty Rodas.

The aging and decrepit Godfather of the Legion of Doom, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, Cuba's Stalinist tyrant.

Legion of Doom member in training, "La Pichu", Xiomara Hortensia Zelaya Castro, Mel's transgendered "daughter" who is a fruity melange of Rosa Luxembourg, Madame Mao, Vilma Espin and Jane Fonda!!!

Legion of Doom handmaiden "US Ambassador", Hugo Llorens, Mel Zelaya's BFF, scuba diving partner in Cayo Cochinos, fellow regular bacchanal sex attendee at Valle de Angeles orgy house and long-time beneficiary of economic enhancements for his partners and family members!

Defrocked socialist and disgraced thief, Mel Zelaya, receiving instructions at the border between Nicaragua and Honduras from his master, Legion of Doom Supreme Leader, Hugo Chavez!

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The Mel Zelaya show at the border is but a reflection, independent of ideology, of the character and disposition of this narcissistic megalomaniac who is a pathological and compulsive liar with no shame

President Micheletti sounds off: mercenaries at the border and lack of class and decorum from ex Pres. Zelaya

Notwithstanding Chavez funded efforts to the contrary, the Honduran Armed Forces remain loyal to the constitutional President, Don Roberto Micheletti Bain and adhere to the governing legal authority in their actions

Micheletti: Zelaya can tried in a third country, but under Honduran laws; Police Force will carry out the arrest if he returns

Salomón Escoto, Director of the National Police articulates that there is a plan in place to arrest the corrupt dictator

More indictments and arrest warrants for Zelaya ministers Moncada, Santos and Mejia

National Congress will take up the issue of a general amnesty on Monday, as per San Jose talks

Legion of Doom ex Honduran FM, Patty Rodas (Mel's gal pal) demanding stronger actions from Hillary Clinton.....wait, didn't you mistreat her at the OAS summit in San Pedro Sula a couple of months ago????

Political posturing regarding the presidential ballot

Mega march in San Pedro Sula

Zelaya utilizes his "wife", transgendered daughter and mother as ploys at the border, exposing them to danger

If properly capture, National Police will guarantee the physical security of the ex thug in chief

San Pedro Sula rally excoriates Zelaya, Chavez and international pressure

What a surprise, FARC Marxist Leninist terrorists from Colombia and Legion of Doom guerrilla force backs Zelaya

Former President Ricardo Maduro and Bush ally proposes a third way to resolve crisis, with both Micheletti and Zelaya out, and a third NON Zelaya figure caretaker

International community urges more dialogue and acceptance of the Arias Plan

Hillary video regarding Zelaya from AllahPundit

Update 1:

Update 2:


christian soldier said...

It's time for a major clean up and--if we Christians do not do it--God will-
We don't want that!!!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Yes, indeed Christian Soldier that is why both the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelic Churches are united against the return of Mel Zelaya...

The other day at the end of Micheletti's news conference they all said in unison the Our Father, can you imagine, people believing in God and standing up for Liberty like our Founding Father!

christian soldier said...

The thought of it is truly exciting!!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Ever day they seem stronger and stronger in power.

The last 2 days have greatly eroded Mel's credibility...

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La Gringa said...

Oh, tell us what you really thing! ;-)

La Gringa said...

Oops. 'think' not thing. ;-)