Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pres. Micheletti Standing Strong

Update 2: Micheletti orders Venezuelan diplomats out of Honduras immediately

Update 1: Sen DeMint stops vote on Socialist Obama nominee for Latin America

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican senator unhappy with U.S. policy on Honduras delayed on Tuesday a committee vote to confirm the nominee to head the State Department's bureau of western hemisphere affairs.

Conservative Senator Jim DeMint, who has expressed concern over Washington's call for ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to be reinstated, invoked his right to ask the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to postpone voting to confirm Arturo Valenzuela, currently a professor at Georgetown University, to be assistant secretary of state.

DeMint also asked for a delay in confirming Thomas Shannon as U.S. ambassador to Brazil. Shannon currently holds the assistant secretary's post.

Both votes had been set for Tuesday afternoon but are now likely to be held next week.
DeMint is one of 17 Republican senators who wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this month asking the administration to reassess its stance on Honduras.

The group said it worried that Washington's pro-Zelaya stance would legitimize "abuses of power" and "violations of the Honduran constitution" by Zelaya before he was ousted by the army on June 28.

Efforts to broker an end to the Honduran power struggle collapsed on Sunday, after interim leader Roberto Micheletti rejected a proposal to reinstate the overthrown president.
Clinton spoke to Micheletti by phone after the talks fell apart and warned him he could face cuts in economic aid unless he strikes a deal with his rival.

DeMint and other Republicans have said they believe Hondurans were acting lawfully when they ousted Zelaya after he had sought to hold a referendum on overhauling the constitution to allow his re-election.

A spokesman for DeMint said on Tuesday the senator was also displeased at Valenzuela's refusal to discuss Honduras at length during his nomination hearing.

At the hearing, DeMint asked why Washington would want to be on the same side as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro, in the Honduran crisis.

"President Obama rushed to side with Chavez and Castro before getting the facts. Now it's clear that the people of Honduras were defending the rule of law," DeMint said on Tuesday, through his spokesman.

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Key members of cabinet participated, as well

Micheletti promotes investment, both foreign and domestic, unequivocally exclaims that Zelaya will never return as President, extols reconciliation in the future and promises to turn power over on 27 January 2010 after November elections

Micheletti demands "respect" from abroad, from those intertwining themselves in Honduras domestic matters

National Police has captured up to 120 foreigners infiltrated in country, majority of which are Nicaraguans and Venezuelans

Police force ready, willing and able to capture Zelaya, due to the 18 charges he has leveled against him

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Since Mel's ouster not one Venezuelan aircraft has landed in country with drug shipments nor violated air space, save Zelaya's infamous flyover of the airport

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Legion of Doom member, Chile's President Bachelet, blasts the Micheletti government

Zelaya pressuring EU to suspend money and ties, will form an internal resistance, fomenting violence and rebellion

Three entry points that Mel is citing as possible avenues for his return to Honduran territory....can you say re-run?

Mel spent 10,000 USD in government funds to have his life size sculpture created, his bust and one of bloody terrorist, Che Guevara

He also had himself painted along with other former Presidents

Mel thanks fellow Legion of Doom member, the socialist bull dyke and daughter of a traitor, Pres. Bachelet from Chile

Marxist Venezuelan FM lambastes Israeli (first nation to recognize Micheletti) Deputy Foreign Minister, Dorit Shavit, who links the ALBA Legion of Doom nations to Iran and Hezbollah


moskitodoc said...

Carlos, Expect to see misinformation used as a method of keeping resources from being focussed at the entry point where Mel will most likely re-enter the country. Two lessons from history provide examples--Napoleon's return from Elba island and Fidel's return on Granma. In both cases the insurgency began on the coast distant from the capital and spread across the country.

Mel has indicated he could return across the Guatemalan, Nicaraguan or Salvadoran border--all unlikely scenarios. More likely a return at Trujillo--because defending two mountain passes would prevent the Honduran army moving against him-The Agalta valley route and the Aguan.

Now it seems a battallion of Cuban mechanized infantry has already assembled at San Julian airfield in western Cuba (Pinar del Rio) and other Venezuelan and Nicaraguan troops are assembled at the Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua airfield. Coincidence??

Perhaps Mel believes that his presence in Country will give him a better position from which to bargain. Trujillo Bay is the easiest location to supply logistically and the forces of the Fuerza Naval garrisoning the Navy base at Puerta Castilla are unlikely and ill equipped to put up a significant defense. Landing troops at Trujillo Bay would be very easy by sea or air--and most likely both methods will be used. The Venezuelan Air Force has cargo planes and old super Puma helicopters at Puerta Cabezas.

Watch for movements of actual troops by this Sunday.

I hope my sources are wrong and therefore I am wrong. This thing has really set back the climate for investment in the country--it may take a miracle to recover from this dilemma.

christian soldier said...

Clinton...warned..?!!! How dare she!
Our government continues to support dictators and tyrants ..world -wide...
Based on the comment from -moskitodoc...I am getting more and more concerned for the people of Honduras...

Carlos Echevarria said...

Moskitodoc, I know Puerta Castilla because my family owns a business there, of storage tanks.

Your knowledge of Honduras is quite impressive, however, i would note that there remains in place a 1954 defense pact in which the administration would be duty bound to come to the defense of Honduras in any overt attack.

Mel is not a military leader, nor has he ever been in combat.

In the case of Granma I would not that B-26 bombers were over Fidel's ships and Batista denied the order to destroy them.

You are advocating that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are going to land troops in Honduras???

Respectfully, I don't see that happening.

I do see internal forces, which already happening, in combination with Mara delinquents creating havoc.

If Mel lands in Honduras he will be either killed or arrested...

moskitodoc said...

To kill or arrest Mel, he must first be apprehended by those who choose to take such actions.
I would not expect Mel to lead the effort from a military side. His "restoration" would be cloaked as political legitimacy.ALBA could make a case that they were working to restore order. With the position that the US has taken regarding the illegitimacy of the removal of Mel, who can say whether the security pact would apply.
Chavez is an adventurer and Cuba has a long history of military adventurism, Ortega has the bases. Couple that with Venezuela's existing naval assets and landing ships and the possibility seems likely of a return along the coast.
The US might have its hands tied diplomatically by such a move.
San Julian Air base in Pinar del Rio, Cuba is the closest to the Trujillo Airstrip. The Venezuelans could airdrop the Cubans there--the Cubans have virtually no capacity to provide naval or air support. The situation with the Venezuelan diplomats is escalating the situation.
Remember the Free French government in Exile, Degaulle returned to France not with large numbers of French troops, but behind American, British and Canadian troops. The Vichy government capitulated quickly.
Carlos, my fear is that the world is viewing the Micheletti government as a fascist oligarchy and as such it presents a target of opportunity for ALBA to use to flex muscle.
In these days of satellite surveilance it is certain that troop movements,repositioning of assets and sailings of landing ships and frigates have been noted. My question is will such information be relayed--it presents a real quandary for diplomats.
Chavez has been insulted and thwarted, but he has assets and he feels World opinion on his side, Mel is likely to accept any offer to return he receives.

Again all these actions may be simply posturing. I hope a diplomatic solution can resolve this---the last thing needed in this business climate is bloodshed or a military action.