Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Solavaya Zelaya Issues Threat, Again

Hat Tip: Fausta's Blog

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General Romeo Vasquez, Head of the Joint Chief of Staff, staunchly defends the military's role in exiling Zelaya in order to save bloodshed and lives

Zelaya travels to Guatemala, in tow with his paramour Patricia Rodas and issues ultimatum against Micheletti

Fausta has more info and further reporting regarding the ultimatum

Ex-Honduran FM Rodas criticizes Costa Rican Pres. Arias and demands that the US take more stringer actions against the Micheletti government

The task at hand for the new Honduran Foreign Minister

Corrupt San Pedro Sula mayor, Zelaya ally, continues to be awol

Zelaya had 300 phantom employees on the executive branch payroll

Mel more the doubled the national debt

Micheletti's new economic team

Micheletti willing to continue national dialogue

Zelaya threatens constitutional government

Security related bills, to enhance internal safety headed to national congress

The influence of Chavez is on the wane in certain parts of Latin America

Panamanian chamber of commerce opposes economic sanctions against Honduras

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