Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zero Hour for Honduras

Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya gestures during a news conference in Managua, Friday, July 17, 2009. Allies of ousted President Zelaya say U.S.-backed talks in Costa Rica this weekend may be the last chance to avert a clash, perhaps even civil war. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)
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Mejia, Jimenez and Enrique "40 Million Lempiras" Flores Lanza, Zelaya's three delinquent negotiating delegation members

Hugo Chavez, ONCE AGAIN, says Zelaya is returning at any minute

Second and final round of negotiations under way in San Jose, Costa Rica

Both committees arrive for talks, presently under way

Mel says that in one way, shape or form he is returning to Honduras, claims massacres are being perpetrated

Defrocked Sandinista, Miguel D'Escoto, President of the UN General Assembly, threatens news sanctions against Honduras

Micheletti letter to Armed Forces two day prior to Zelaya's ouster

Nicaraguans captured, could be infiltrated agitators

Honduras to retain $130 million dollars generated from deals with Chavez

CR Pres. Oscar Arias states that Zelaya must be re-instated

Legion of Doom member Rafael Correa received money from FARC, Colombian, Chavez backed Marxist rebels

AWOL San Pedro Sula mayor and Zelaya lap dog to be formally charged

Illegal pro-4th ballot box call center dismantled

Time running out for Arias, Zelaya increased pressure

Anti-democratic forces propel Zelaya, MSM and international community has practically canonized Mel

Curfew re-imposed and extended

Honduras creates a new paradigm in the region and abroad

'Sunday Bloody Sunday' tomorrow?

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