Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gorgeous Mexican Cheerleader Decapitated

Update 1 & Commentary:

Very sad and sickening, major drug wars in Mexico…..but of course Mexican Pres. Felipe Calderon has precious time in his busy schedule to fete Mel Zelaya as the second coming, receiving him with pomp & ceremony, full honors!

Ironically, Mel properly repays his fawning courtesy by going on to disrespect the Mexican leader, characterizing Calderon as illegitimate to defeated presidential candidate and ALBA member in good standing Lopez Obrador & his gang of rambunctious, socialist hooligans in Mexico City!!!!

A Brutal and Sadistic death:

TIJUANA. Brutal torture suffered by the young aide Adriana Ruiz Muñiz, before being beheaded. This is a preliminary inspection revealed her body, found the evening of Wednesday in a trash the secret cologne Altiplano, La Presa delegation.

The body and head were two black polyethylene bags, in a semi-used to dump garbage and debris.

Her had been feet smashed by blows with a blunt instrument.

The murderers tore off her nails and pinkie fingers.

Expertise in the Attorney General for the State (PGJE) assume that the death occurred Tuesday afternoon, the body was probably dumped there the night of that day or the early hours of Wednesday.

As it is an unoccupied site, the neighbors could not give any information about who made the hole about one meter in depth which was unexpectedly buried at the edge of a crude way open for local people.

Although it is said that inside the bag were several pictures of Adriana, the PGJE refused to confirm until yesterday afternoon that it was indeed her.

The prosecutor Rommel Moreno Manjarrez said that her relatives in Mexicali had already identified in the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of Tijuana.

Until yesterday afternoon they were not aware of the identity and whereabouts of the individual who was deprived of liberty with the deceased.

VIDEO whistleblower

Carlos Meza Zepeda Martínez and Alfredo Martinez, 40 and 29 years old, alleged perpetrators of the death of Adriana, were secured in the afternoon of Wednesday fractionation Lomas del Porvenir, Playas de Tijuana delegation.

Manned in a white Jeep Cherokee with license plates BEL8644 border, they were intercepted by the municipal police on the street Black Warrior, because they were traveling with excessive speed.

In reviewing the inside, the officers found a .40-caliber Glock pistol squad, a bag with 150 bullets and a charger.

Also seized from the suspects cell phones and other objects, and led to the cells in the former security prison located on public streets and Constitution Avenue 8.

They inspected the cellular telephone and one of the officers found a video in which he saw a female person with signs of torture on the feet.

Taking stops briefly and then rises gradually until it reaches the neck and a clear lack of the head, which appears when the camera moves to the left.

When questioned about the identity of the victim, Meza Zepeda replied that it was the aide.

Then the secretary of the Municipal Public Security, Julián Pérez Leyzaola, ordered that the case rotates to the Public Ministry of the ordinary when it comes to murder, and the state delegation of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) with regard to possession of the firearm.

Regrets Rommel

The prosecutor Rommel Moreno Manjarrez deplored the tragic end of the young model, said that inquiries revealed that Adriana was friends with members of organized crime, which does not necessarily mean that she was involved in illegal matters.

He outlined the possibility that his death was a result of any difference with these people and recalled that preliminary investigations showed evidence her association with people that engage in illegality.
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José Carlos Meza Zepeda, 40, and Alfredo Martínez Martínez, 29, are the animals and culprits is the heinous crime

Adriana was a professional model and a mother of a 4 year old

Ruiz Muniz had her head severed although she was still alive in the video recording seized off the camera phone

The barbaric act was carried out on behalf of Teodoro García Simental, "El Teo" of the Sinaloa cartel of Tijuana

Romantic dalliance is one theory of the crime

This type of crime is usually carried out by drug crazed psychopaths


robert verdi said...

too many bastards on this planet

Carlos Echevarria said...

What a loss, a beautiful girl, with a bright future, apparently though there is some nexus to organized crime...

christian soldier said...

The Dark Side (Lucifer's pawns) use the same tactics of torture-world-wide...