Monday, September 21, 2009

A Defiant Micheletti

The constitutional President of the Honduran republic, Roberto Micheletti Bain, responding to the heinous fact that the socialist government of Brazil, led by Lula da Silva, has committed an act of aggression by being a conspirator and party to the illegal housing of the international fugitive and traitor, Mel Zelaya Rosales, at their embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Rough Translation by me:

Law and order will be maintained, as there are no reports of violence at this present moment and that is how our beloved Honduras will remain.

I call upon our citizens to remain calm as the presence of Mr. Zelaya in our country does not change our reality.

This past 28th of June, Mr. Zelaya was removed from his office, legally, by a decision of the Supreme Court of Honduras, the National Congress of our country.

As stipulated in Article 30 of our constitution, Mr. Zelaya accepts his duty to return and present himself to the authorities in order to face the charges against him for repeated violations of the laws of Honduras.

It is not clear why Mr. Zelaya has returned to Honduras, only he knows. But I can only arrive at the conclusion that he trying to impede the celebration of our upcoming elections on the 29th of November, as he and his followers have been doing in the last weeks.

However, his presence in the country does not alter the commitment of all Hondurans to the electoral process which commenced close to a year ago during his (Zelaya’s) own term.

It will culminate with the elections of the 29th of November.

The government has until today respected the representation of the government of Brazil in Honduras even though Brazil has not shown the courtesy of recognizing the constitutional government of Honduras.

I ask the government of Brazil to respect the judicial order emitted against Mr. Zelaya and turn him over to the proper authorities. The state of Honduras is committed to respect the constitutional rights of Mr. Zelaya within that judicial process.

They eyes of the world are on top of Brazil and Honduras.

Let us not permit that the actions or passions of a few to tarnish the image of our people.

This problem which has arisen for Honduras is of an internal nature and should be addressed and resolved internally utilizing Honduran processes.

This is not a matter which concerns international security or peace.

Confident in our inherent right to do so, we will defend our representative democracy, our sovereignty and auto determination…all together, government, nation, civil society, police forces, armed forces and all the people of Honduras.

Hondurans (men and women) have confidence and faith in your government; we are here ready and willing to defend you all.

God Bless Honduras

Long Live Honduras

Good Afternoon


Stephanie said...

Viva Presidente Micheletti!

I have immeasureable respect for him and his government's actions since June 28th. He is a true representative of the Honduran people - intelligent, respectful but determined to uphold the Constitution, regardless of international interference.

I hope and pray that this latest insanity by "Mad Mel" will be resolved without violence inflicted on the Honduran peoples.

Viva Honduras! Stephanie

christian soldier said...

Thank you for the heads up-my friend!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Thank you for commenting Stephanie.

I too have great admiration for President Micheletti and is a champion of the constitution, as you have noted.

Viva Honduras Libre

Carlos Echevarria said...

CS, I cross posted at IBA, and then got the transcript up, my rough draft of one.

take care friend