Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Christ was calling me to serve him as a Priest" John Paul II the Great

H/T: Da Mihi Animas


James H said...

Hey a few days you said I should register my blog post with something called "JB" what is that?

Carlos Echevarria said...

must have been a typo on my part.

Facebook has an application called Networked Blogs, Da Mihi Animas, has it, as well as me.

I spend most of my time on FB now, in terms of getting exposure for my posts, in terms of a wider audience, directly gets it, at least in my case.

Your blog posts will automatically appear on your profile wall, visible to all, I have documented increased traffic to my site and greater interaction to target audiciences.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Jean Heimann or Father Steve can give you greater details, I have been using it for like a month and a half

James H said...

I will have to try that