Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spanish Civil War-Defense of Catholic Heritage

Hat Tip: The Catholic Knight


Damien said...

Carlos Echevarria,

I won't deny that the communists did horrible things. They killed many innocent people, including Catholics. I won't say that I am not happy that they were defeated. There are enough communist states as it is. Too bad Francisco Franco Become a dictator, and had some positive feelings toward the Axis powers. However I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised that some Jews were able to seek refuge in Spain during the holocaust.

Spain under Franco

Spain in World War II

Carlos Echevarria said...

You are correct about Franco and his policies vis a vis Jews, he was sly with both Mussolini and Hitler, taking their support during his civil war but then playing both sides during WW2.

One must take into account that he groomed King Juan Carlos to be his heir, which introduced democracy and liberalized Spanish economy in the 60s, particularly in the tourism sector in southern Spain, permitting quite libertine activities, hence the notoriety which became of Ibiza and Marbella....so even at an old age he understood that Spain needed foreign investment and liberlized strict laws in terms of vices.

Damien said...

Carlos Echevarria,

Fascinating. There is so much I don't know.