Thursday, December 17, 2009

Silvio Leaves Hospital

UK Telegraph:

73-year-old leader, who suffered severe facial injuries after being struck by a man clutching a replica of Milan's cathedral, was driven away from the hospital in the northern city after spending his fourth night there.

He appeared to be smiling despite the white bandage stretched between his nose and his left cheek, which took the full force of the blow.

His personal doctor said earlier that Mr Berlusconi had spent a restful night.

"The prime minister passed a quiet night, without pain, and he may leave hospital earlier than planned, maybe at the end of the morning," said Dr Alberto Zangrillo.

Mr Berlusconi had expected to leave on Wednesday but was ordered to stay another night because of persistent pain.

Sunday's attack left Berlusconi with a broken nose, two broken teeth and other facial injuries, but the prime minister will not need plastic surgery, Dr Zangrillo said.

Old neck pains that resurfaced after the attack caused Mr Berlusconi severe headaches.

Police have said Berlusconi's assailant, Massimo Tartaglia, 42, has a long history of psychiatric problems.

Mr Tartaglia, who could face up to five in jail if convicted of assault, remains in police custody despite a request from his lawyers to transfer him at least temporarily to a psychiatric hospital.
More on calls and visits to Berlusconi here.

He is slated to recuperate at his villa.

As I predicted, speculation via witnesses regarding that Tartaglia was given the statuette projectile to throw.


Annie said...

Hi C. Finally got here. I'm glad to read his stay in the hospital was short and he won't require any surgery. I expect that dental work is now on his agenda though.

Carlos Echevarria said...

That would seem to be the case Annie...i pray for a speedy recovery, Italy needs him, the EU needs him, the world needs him....a real leader unlike TOTUS