Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Official UK Papal Visit Schedule

The main outline of Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Britain between September 16th and 19th has been disclosed, although full details are not yet available:

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh. Pope Benedict XVI will be received by the Queen at her official residence in Scotland.

:: Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. The Pope will celebrate Mass at the open-air venue where Pope John Paul II was greeted by 300,000 Catholics in 1982.

:: Coventry Airport, West Midlands. He will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, who founded the Birmingham Oratory, during a public Mass at the now-disused airfield. This is a stage on the path to sainthood and will mean the Victorian theologian and convert to Rome is given the title “blessed”.

:: Hyde Park, London. Benedict XVI will hold his third public service, a prayer vigil, in a central London park rather than at Wembley Stadium as his predecessor did.

:: Westminster Cathedral, London. He will celebrate Mass before an invited audience at England’s primary Catholic church. There will also be a private speech about education at an as-yet undisclosed location.

:: Westminster Hall, London. The Pope will deliver a “major speech to British civil society” at the oldest building in Parliament where Sir Thomas More, the Catholic martyr, was sentenced to death.

:: Lambeth Palace, London. Benedict XVI, who recently set up a scheme for disaffected Anglicans to convert to Catholicism, will meet Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, at his historic residence on the banks of the Thames.

:: Westminster Abbey, London. Like most heads of state who come to Britain, the pontiff will visit the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. He will also pray at the Shrine of St Edward, King and Confessor, with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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