Thursday, April 15, 2010

B16 Focuses Weekly Audience On Priesthood

Pope Benedict XVI salutes the crowd at the end of his weekly audience in St Peter square at the Vatican on April 14, 2010. (Daylife-Getty Images)

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Historically today is the feast of Sts. Basilissa and Anastasia, two noble women who were disciples of the apostles Sts. Peter and Paul at Rome, and were beheaded by order of Nero

Peter’s Rehabilitation and Ours

Links regarding sexual abuse reporting

Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope

False accusations are reverberating around the world

Far from being indifferent or complicit, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was among the first in Rome to take the scandal seriously

Pope Benedict XVI has called on Roman Catholics to "do penance" for their sins, an apparent reference to the recent child sexual abuse scandal.

Father Lombardi, Vatican Press spokesman, cites statistics to back up Bertone

Last Tuesday, 6 April, an accord between the Holy See and Lower Saxony was signed in Hanover, Germany, modifying the Concord of 26 February 1965

The Little Ratzinger

Responding to a question about the "dramatic moments" the Catholic Church is living through as Pope Benedict XVI approaches the fifth year of his pontificate, Cardinal Ruini said, "It's is undoubtedly a period of suffering and of trial for the Church, that at the moment revolves around the question of pedophilia."

Part of Benedict XVI's two-day trip to Malta this weekend will be a 20-minute ride on the "St. Paul," a catamaran that will give the Pope a view of the whole panorama of Valletta

A little nostalgia, Maggie Thatcher at St. Peter's last May 2009

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