Monday, June 7, 2010

Islamic Murder Of Catholic Bishop In Turkey

Bloody, Turkish Islamo-Fascist tyrant, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The prophet Muhammad, in whose name murder, mayhem, misogyny, barbarism, jihad, terrorism, deceit, darkness and malevolence these crimes against Catholics, Christians, Jews, fellow Muslims are carried out...

Catholic Online:
The Bishop was stabbed in the house and then beheaded outside. He cried for help before he died. The murderer shouted "Allah Akbar!".

The alleged insanity of the murderer is now to be excluded from consideration. There is no medical certificate to prove it. Turkish minister of justice condemns the murder and promises to shed light on the incident.

On Monday June 7, 2010 the funeral of mudered Bishop Padovese, killed by his driver, Murat Altun, on June 3, 2010, was to take place. Early reports alleged the driver was strangely "crazed". New details have emerged concerning the dynamics and motives of the killing that has now devastated the Turkish Church.

The funeral ceremony was be held in the Church of the Annunciation, with the participation of the apostolic nuncio, Mgr. Antonio Lucibello, the Latin bishops of Istanbul and Izmir, the Armenian Catholic Bishop of Istanbul, as well as the priests in Turkey and representatives of international embassies.

A delegate of the Conference of Bishops of Europe was to be present. The presence of bishops from other countries, particularly Italy, was not expected: After the funeral, in Iskenderun, the body of Mgr. Padovese will be brought to Milan, Italy, where he will receive another funeral. The funeral in Italy is likely to take place on Monday, June 14. The delay is due to the fact that the Italian courts have asked to do an autopsy on the body of the martyred bishop.

As the days pass, new details emerge concerning the murder and the alleged "insanity" of the assassin.

The doctors who performed the autopsy reveal that Mgr. Padovese had knife wounds all over his body, but especially in the heart (at least 8). His head was almost completely detached from his neck, attached to his body by only the skin of the back of the neck.

Even the dynamics of the killing is clearer: the Bishop was stabbed in his house. He had the strength to go out the door of the house, bleeding and crying for help and there he was killed. Perhaps only when he fell to the ground, was his head cut off.

Witnesses said they heard the bishop cry out for help. But more importantly, is that they heard screams of Murat immediately after the murder.

According to these sources, he climbed on the roof of the house shouted: "I killed the great Satan! Allah Akbar! ".

This call coincides perfectly with the idea of beheading, making sense that it is like a ritual sacrifice against evil. This correlates with the murders of ultranationalist groups and Islamic fundamentalists who apparently want to eliminate Christians from Turkey.

Moreover, according to a Turkish newspaper, Milliyet on June 4, the murderer had told police that he his actions were the result of a " divine revelation."

Faced with these new chilling details perhaps the statements by the Turkish government and the first views expressed by the Vatican need to be revised. They had claimed that the killing did not have political or religious implications.

Notwithstanding that, as Pope Benedict XVI said in the plane en route to Cyprus, this murder "can not be attributed to Turkey or the Turks, and should not obscure dialogue".

Adding to the pontiff's justifiable concerns, are the increasing demands of Catholics and some Turkish NGOs that police should not stop the investigation at the presumed "insanity" of Murat, but proceed and delve deeper into his possible links with organizations of the "Deep State", even beyond the Turkish government.

The alleged insanity of the 26 year old who for more than four years lived next to the bishop is now indefensible. Ercan Eris, the church's lawyer, argues that the murderer cannot become depressed in a day and that there is no medical report which declares that.

Now it is certain that the young man is sane. There is no medical certificate attesting to his mental disability. Recently he said he was depressed, but now it is thought that this was all a strategy to defend himself later.

Yesterday in the Ministry of Justice came directly from Ankara to Iskenderun and explicitly condemned the act and ensured that he will do everything possible to shed light on what happened.

Establishing the truth is necessary for the Turkish State, because it desires to show its modernity and ability to guarantee rights. However, it is also necessary for the Church. According to police sources, it seems that Murat is offering a new 'justification' for his action.

He now alleges that Mgr. Padovese was a homosexual. He claims that he was the victim, "forced to suffer abuse." That the killing of the bishop was not martyrdom, but an act of "legitimate defence".He has offered no collaboration of the claim.

But according to experts from the Turkish world, the killing of Mgr. Padovese shows an evolution of organizations of the "Deep State" being the first time they aim so high. So far they had targeted ordinary priests, but now they have attacked the head of the Turkish Church (Mgr Padovese was president of the Episcopal Conference of Turkey).

At the same time, their actions are becoming more sophisticated, less crude than before. These actions not only limit their defence to claims of "insanity", already used for the murder of Father Santoro, but appear to offer more explanations in order to confuse public opinion nationally and internationally.
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tuleesh said...

Of course, Islam had nothing to do with the murder of Bishop Padovese. Altun suffered from what is commonly known as SJS: Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Hundreds have been afflicted with this syndrome.

Other people who have suffered from SJS are, Faisal Shahzad [Times Square Bomber], Carlos Bledsoe aka Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad [Ark. recruitng station shooter], Major Nidal Malik Hasan [The Fort Hood Butcher], Faleh Almaleki [Honor Killer], Mahmod Mahmod and his brother Ari Mahmod [Honor killers], Yaser Abdel Said [Honor Killer], Mohammed Atta [9-11 killer]...

There is no consensus on what causes SJS. Although women can be affected by SJS, it's victims are mostly male. And it is unknown why a person, when undergoing an attack of SJS, sometimes shouts, "Allah Ackbar."

SJS is soooo mysterious that it is not even classified in the DSMIV.

筠銘 said...
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佩璇 said...
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Carlos Echevarria said...

Tuleesh, thank you for commenting.

From the minute this broke I had, and I am sure you did as well, as evidenced by your rhetoric, the clear sense of the reality here.

Of course the dhimmis, the MSM, all spun it, (even Bertone's office) about the "crazed gunman".

They themselves, the damn Turks, are backtracking, big time.

Your tongue and cheek comments are great, quite biting and you are 100% correct, :)

Sadly, even some on the right and many traditionalist Catholics are in denial as to this true let me stop being "racist" and post something about poor Hamas in Gaza, right???