Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pope Lauds St. Thomas Aquinas, Gets Text Support

Pope Benedict XVI looks on during a general audience in Aula Paolo VI at the Vatican on June 23, 2010. (Daylife Photos-Getty Images)

Wednesday General Audience Videos:

Roman catacombs:


Pius XII H/T: Kevin Chan

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Here is a translation of the address Benedict XVI gave today during the general audience in St. Peter's Square

Pope Benedict XVI Extols St. Thomas Aquinas

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Holy Father receives 20,000 text messages of support

More than one-third of local Catholic communities today are still in "mission territory," a geographical area that includes about three-fourths of the world's population

"Let us participate devotedly in Mass in order to obtain its spiritual fruits; let us feed from the Body and Blood of the Lord that we may be incessantly nourished by divine Grace; let us pause willingly and often in the company of the Blessed Sacrament."

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Malta festivities continued

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Archbishop of Genoa and president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, remarked that “secularism does not mean banning religious symbols,” such as the crucifix, “from public places."

After more than 10 years as the point man for the Church's efforts to promote Christian unity, Cardinal Walter Kasper today announced his resignation as president of the pontifical council dedicated to that cause

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