Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Piazza San Pietro

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Ron Russell said...

Great pictures Carlos! Have you ever been to Rome? I was there many years back while in college. See you live in South FL. I have a daughter who lives down your way. I was working in Brooksville, just north of Tampa when I retired---great Red Fishing area. Thanks for your link to my Guns and Bikinis site. I have linked back there and also at TOTUS my primary blog which you have visited. I also added you to links at Obama Cartoon. Have a good day, envy the beautiful weather and fishing down your way. I'm up in southwest Mississippi now.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Hello Ron,

How are you doing in Mississippi?

Is Haley Barbour running for President?

I love your guns and bikini site, sorry i have not been on lately, lots of work and family issues.

As for Rome, no, God willing, next summer I will be there, was supposed to go this year but due to financial matters, had to postpone it....I do have my ticket already, just have to pay a fee for altering it.

So your daughter is a resident of the Sunshine state too! Excellent, well hopefully we can get Marco Rubio to the Senate, though Charlie the Rino is ahead, as of now.

Best Regards buddy...thanks for commenting.

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