Friday, February 11, 2011

Giovanni Paolo II Website

New Venerable, Pope John Paul II Beatification and Canonization site here


tuleesh said...

Just looooove that pic of President (Ronaldus Magnus) and Mrs. Reagan with Ioannes Paulus Magnus.

It's comical to see how the Left tries to give Gorbachev all the credit for the fall of Communism. Thanks to the 'net, those Leftist totalitarians will not be able to propagate their farce.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Hi Tuleesh,

Thank you for the kind remarks regarding the picture of Pres. Reagan and JP2, the two victors of the Cold War, along with Maggie Thatcher.

Yes, Gorbachev was basically a Leninist trying to SAVE the system by modernizing it and re-instituting the NEP capitalist type plan Lenin himself wanted after defeating the Czarists and ousting Kerensky.

So they could compete with the West and the USA but, as we know, it got out of his hand...and the rise of Yeltsin doomed him.