Friday, April 15, 2011

Papst Bier

Raise a Toast to Papa Ratzinger today...on the Friday before his birthday

Special Beer:
The "Pope’s Beer" (Papst-Bier) developed by the brewery Weideneder at Tann is a true deference to the famous son of our home, our Bavarian Pope Benedikt XVI.
A beautiful old proverb says "hop and malt – God may preserve them all!" ("Hopfen und Malz – Gott erhalt's!") and shows that the Catholic Church and beer are parts of the same philosophy in life and together have been building a devout alliance full of the joys of life - an alliance for centuries - because: "Eating and drinking keep together body and soul".

Due to this close matured connection between the Church and the art of brewing we consider it to be our obligation to appreciate the election of a Bavarian Pope in a Bavarian way. Weideneder as one of the typical rural breweries is part of the landscape Joseph Ratzinger was born at and has been living in.

The Pope’s Beer is a festival beer of highest quality containing only exquisite raw materials, presenting a mild character and a light colour, brewed strictly in accordance with the German beer purity law.

The especially festively designed labels show our Pope Benedikt XVI. and the house where he was born in Marktl am Inn.

"The Pope’s Beer" (Papst-Bier) - the original festival beer coming from the home of our Pope Benedikt XVI.

Pope Benedikt XVI. He was elected with 100 of 117 votes as Pope on 19 April 2005. He was born in Marktl on 16 April 1927, as Joseph Alois Ratzinger. With Benedikt XVI. a German has been elected as Pope - after 482 years.

Only 19 hours after the election of Pope Benedikt XVI. Fritz Weideneder presents the first bottles of his Pope’s Beer in Marktl. They have even been labelled by hand. Due to the enormous demand from all over the world – even from Ausstralia and Japan – the Weideneder brewery added the Pope’s Beer to its range of products. We can provide you with an extensively varied assortment of gift articles about the Pope’s Beer (Papst-Bier)!

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