Friday, July 1, 2011

I Support & Stand With Father John Corapi

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markluke said...

I know Father Corapi is innocent of this absurd accusation. My opinion is that he needs to show the humility and never give up attitude that he preached to all of us for so long. I love the man and wish none of this had happened, but he is just not showing humility here. What about Padre Pio, John Vianney, etc.? I know his name will cleared, and the church will have explain itself, but father just needs to hang in and show the humility he preached for so long. I hung on his preaching, and he played a major role in returning to my faith, but Christ and His church come before all, even if that church has a very human side to it. My prayers are with Father John Corapi. We need priests like him, we dont need him leaving public ministry! Thank you and Gods love.

markluke said...

Father Corapi is completely innocent of the charge against him, but what about humility that father tought us for so long? What about the never quit attitude that was instilled in us? The church has made its mistakes in all of this matter it would seem. But the Christ and His church come first even in its human side. I just wish Father Corapi would show humility and hang in there, because this will all pass and he will be cleared, but by just walking away shows me not alot humility. There have been others falsely or viciously accuses, but they didnt walk out on their vocation! Im a married man, can just walk on my wife because of a false accusation? No, I show humility and pray, and the truth will eventually prove itself. We need Father Corapi, we dont need him leaving publc minisrty! I love Father and pray he will come back. He played a major role in my return to the faith, Im just like many others, baffled and hurt. But as I said I will not put anyone or anything before Christ and His church! Thanks and Gods Love.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Thank you, "MarkLuke" for commenting.

There is no doubt in my mind that these charges are false and scurrilous, as well as vile.

As someone who, both personally, and from a family perspective has had substance abuse issues, he is a unique inspiration and muse.

I pray to God that he is cleared and he can, soon, come back into the bosom of the church.

Adrienne said...

I don't know whether he is guilty or innocent. What I do know is the vile and vitriol poured out on him by the likes of Mark Shea, Jimmy Akin, and Elizabeth Scalia (the Anchoress) has left me breathless.

Their behavior shows them to be nothing more than arrogant over-rated "professional" Catholics. They have acted despicably!

He just posted the sheep, wolf, sheepdog story and one priest left a comment over at some blog calling it "fascism." Huh??? And then the commenters proceeded to vilify people that lived in Idaho and Montana as a bunch of moronic militia types (I live in North Idaho.)

These people better wake up to the fact that there are some problems in the Church (which mirror the problems in this country) and they are not part of the solution!

Carlos Echevarria said...

"What I do know is the vile and vitriol poured out on him by the likes of Mark Shea, Jimmy Akin, and Elizabeth Scalia (the Anchoress) has left me breathless."

I must concede to you that I never cared for any of them, too much, especially Akin...

I comprehend this is a tough issue all around and even Father Corapi has instructed us to respect our Bishops and not pressure EWTN, but I feel the man deserves some latitude here.

He is, just like the Apostle Peter and St Paul, a human being...he has done great work for so many and, personally, I attest that his life story is an inspiration to me in many personal regards.

Thank you for commenting....

Esther G. said...


Adrienne's use of the term "professional Catholics" made me stop and pause. It was sickening reading some of their influential opinions left out in the open for the world to see. Mark Shea's angry post was the most un-Christian of them all.

I don't know whether or not Father Corapi is innocent or guilty. At this point I think I will leave it up to God. But I continue to pray for him and all our priests.

You know a character of a person by the way they treat a person when he is down.

railrider said...

Support or worship this lost man? As time passed on the priest became more secular in his look, an finally "" he has become the absurd.

Your support of John Corapi is an insult to S.O.L.T, that's only my opinion though

Carlos Echevarria said...

@ Railrider.

Thank you for commenting and blasting me, in the most personal terms imaginable.

But that is a true reflection of your inherent nature and your lack of character or decency.