Sunday, December 30, 2012

Felice Anno Nuovo-Happy New Year-Feliz Año Nuevo-Bonne Année-Glückliches Neues Jahr-Gelukkig Nieuwjaar-Feliz Ano Novo-新年好

Felix Sit Annus Novus 2013!
Photo courtesy of Huffington Post (December 2011)


christian soldier said...

Have a grand New Year's celebration-

and- please pray for our Republic...

and-thank you for stopping by my site--
I knew you would enjoy the classically trained musicians who truly enjoy and have 'fun' with their art!--

Carlos Echevarria said...


I usually just pack it in at home, and watch some of the TV specials, like Times Square...but I rather not see Bloomberg's face this year, LOL

Have a great 2013...

christian soldier said...

I'm with you on Bloomberg-don't want to see his or bho's face ever!!!