Monday, March 4, 2013

Church Reform Proposals By Dr. Moynihan

Dr. Robert Moynihan (Image: Gospa Missions)

Dr. Robert Moynihan, of The Moynihan Letters is positing the following potential areas of reforms within the Church, to be spearheaded by someone like Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, currently Apostolic Nuncio to the USA:

(1) Man. The great problem of our time is the question of man. The scientific discoveries of recent decades, and the developing movement of transhumanism, require a rethinking of the Church's anthropology. Therefore, place the question of man at the center of Catholic studies and theological research, and invite contributions from all men and women of good will in the effort to construct a viable anthropology for the new millennium.

(2) The Curia. The Curia and the Church's government should be dramatically restructured, but in order to make it work more effectively, not to render it impotent. Therefore, bring in lay professionals at all levels. Ordained and consecrated priests and bishops, and consecrated women religious, could have special oversight roles. Make Vigano Secretary of State.

(3) The Vatican bank and the global financial system. In the face of the global financial crisis and continuing uncertainty, revolutionize the functioning of the Vatican bank to make it a true service to the entire Church. Create a permanent high-level study group which would ensure bank transparency, assess global financial developments, and advise bishops, and eventually parishes, throughout the world on how best to handle their finances in a just and prudent way, as "good stewards."

(4) Global banking support. Consider establishing a type of Church-linked bank or credit union system reaching every diocese in the world, with branches in every parish, to assist Church members to have access to capital for needed initiatives.

(5) Children and family. Radically increase the support given by the Pontifical Council for the Family to family-supporting intitiatives worldwide, including ways to mediate generous financial incentives to support every family which has or would like to have children.

(6) Education. Reform all Catholic educational institutions, removing all trendy, "politically correct" teaching and returning to fundamental studies in every field, especially history, philosophy, music, languages, and physical fitness.

(7) Seminaries. Reform all seminary instruction. (Make seminaries into quasi-boot camps, introducing some of the disciplines of military academies. Renew the Jesuits to their greatness.)

(8) Ecumenism. Make immediate peace with the Orthodox, and the Protestants, saying a "truce" now is needed in the face of the global secularizing agenda which wishes to eliminate, or even criminalize, Christian faith and traditional family values. Engage in common initiatives.

Note: His numbering is off, he didn't post #9 entry.

(10) Inter-religious solidarity. Extend invitations to all Orthodox and Conservative Jews, to Muslims, to Hindus, to Buddhists, and all men and women of good will, to work with the Church, in hopes of supporting a just and free global order where the sacredness of God and his moral law is respected.

(11) Worship. Give greater support for the old liturgy (the extraordinary form of the Mass) globally, allowing, however, that form of the Mass to be translated also into the vernacular. On solemn occasions, especially funerals and high feast days, use Latin and Gregorian chant, worldwide.

(12) Communications. Increase the ability of Catholics to communicate, assist and work with one another by developing new media connections globally.

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