Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Lowly but Chosen"...Sadly

The motto for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio's Archdiocese from Buenos Aires is "Miserando Atque Eligendo", or "Lowly but Chosen."

That is the feeling I have in relation to the indisputable fact that the Cardinal Electors made the grave error, no doubt via the malicious prodding of the malevolent Cardinal Bertone and concomitant Curia cabal, to enthrone the See of Peter to Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

As a proud Roman Catholic and Papist, today has been a day of fraught with deep emotions which shake at the very core of my faith.

Any true defender of the office of the Bishop of Rome can see that this individual is fraught with a plethora of inherent inadequacies, in relation to the position he has now entered. is adroitly correct when it predicts that Bergoglio "will not be a transformational pope, but one who continues in Benedict's dogmatic footsteps while not radically changing the Curia, the Holy See's administration."

Moreover, I wholeheartedly concur with the views of Catholic scholar, Micheal Dougherty, which can be found here and here.
All I can say, right now, is that I would have preferred an old, aging Benedict XVI, or even better, a fervent and dynamic Cardinal Scola, Dolan, Bagnasco, Ravasi, Ouellet, Rodriguez, etc. to what we have now.

In the Obama-esque frenzy and swirl about this being the first Latin American Bishop of Rome, what has been lost is whether this individual, with the prodigious problems facing the church, is the proper individual to carry forward the immense undertaking to reform it, or whether he has the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Though I have, always, rejected the heretical 1958 Sede Vacante factions of the Cardinal Siri variety, I can now, to a certain extent, commiserate with their over all feelings, however, misguided.

There is be NO legitimate comparison between the accomplished & talented Pope John XXIII (Papa Roncalli) and what transpired on March 13, 2013.

I readily recall the broad 1972 admonition of my birth Pope, Paul VI, that "from some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God." Though put in context to his times, it is requisite to never lose sight of the warnings handed down to us by Papa Montini.

What is unquestionably clear, is that with this new Papacy, the enemies of Rome truly have the upper hand now.

UPDATE: 12:28PM, March 14, 2013

Just as I surmised above, this palace coup was led by Bertone and other elements of the curia.

Via Vatican Insider:
Scola's path to the Holy Throne was blocked by the confluence of two alliances and of two distinctly different evaluation systems: the non-European one (South America in particular), on the one hand, planned on bringing the papacy out of the old continent for the first time. On the other hand, there was the Curia group led by the nemesis-allegiance of Bertone and Sodano, who are inexorably hostile to Scola. (emphasis added)

The reason, according to certain voices in the Holy See, are a series of "ancient envies and rivalries”. Bertone has never forgotten the advice that Scola gave to the Pope during a meeting in Castel Gandolfo during the upheaval over the pardon granted to Holocaust-denier Bishop Williamson: his replacement at the helm of the Secretariat of State.

Sodano, on the other hand, found himself on opposing sides from Scola in various power struggles for the control of Catholic institutions. Ruini himself, while esteeming Scola, gave no indications to vote in his favour to the conclavists, like the Australian Pell, who asked to visit him before the Conclave.

In short, the 28 Italian voters did not all row in the same direction and so they dashed their chances of installing one of their compatriots to Peter's Throne 35 years after Luciani.

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Annie said...

I prefer to believe that, while human action may have been at work through factions (as you say), the Holy Spirit was busy directing matters to the correct conclusion. I like his humility, his devotion to the poor and the example of his life.

I still have a lot to learn about him but so far, I like what I am reading.

I'm also going to reading his Lenten messages and other writings of the past few years as Archbishop. I think it is there where we will find the truth of who he is.