Saturday, March 16, 2013

NEW Caput Mundi

Due to what occurred on Wednesday, March 13th, I have opted to alter the nature and tone of this blog, Caput Mundi, which in 5 and a half years, has gone through many a metamorphosis.

I vigorously and proudly defended the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI and followed, basically, his every move, pronunciation and interaction.

But now times have changed.

As such, there is, as of today, a revised side bar. Since Caput Mundi is one of the names of the city of Rome, I will broaden the blog's focus to transcend the religious sphere, and provide general coverage, as much as possible, of Roman and Italian events.

This will include cultural, social, political, entertainment, etc. matters.

For now, I say to all of you: Buonasera a tutti voi...(Yes, I am trying to learn Italian)

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