Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ogooglebar & Other Swedish Words

14 New Swedish tech terms:
1. Bloggbävning, n. Definition: Literally translating to "blogquake," the word describes the process by which a topic explodes in the blogosphere and is then picked up by more mainstream media outlets.

Used in an English sentence: "Man, that 'ogooglebar' thing really caused a bloggbävning today."

2. Livslogga, v. Definition: Literally translating to "life log," the word refers to continually documenting one's life in pictures.

Used in an English sentence: "I know my Instagram is full of retro-looking pictures of salads, but what can I say? It's fun to livslogga."

3. Ogooglebar, adj. Definition: Literally meaning "ungoogleable," the term is used to describe someone or something that doesn't show up in Google results.

Used in an English sentence: "I'm going on a date tonight, but he's totally ogooglebar! What are the odds he's an axe murderer?"
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