Monday, April 15, 2013

Remy: Jay-Z's Cuba State of Mind

Yeah I got the hot kicks
and we got the cold beans
got the new '58
Packard with the 14's

Yeah we got the bread lines
clocking til we got some
every building crumbling
Communism's awesome

Place is so amazing
people taking rafts dude
no one even tried that to
escape that poop cruise

And we got the torture
maybe ought to muster
thugs so bad you'd think
you're playing ball at Rutgers

Yeah we got the banned books
nothing rhymes with Treasury
jail for magazines
even if you're David Gregory

Got me on surveillance
on Big Brother's island
Che Guevara's racist
someone tell his stylist

In Cuba
violent leaders who you're afraid of
there's nothing you can do
Now you're in Cuba

a worldwide leader in executions
and child prostitution
let's hear it for Cuba

Hat Tip: Babalu Blog


Annie said...

Call me uninformed Carlos but, who is the vocalist and did Jay-Z write these rap lyrics (or hip hop or whatever the heck it is)?

Carlos Echevarria said...

This is a parody of Jay-Z mocking him for going to Cuba, and embracing as a hero, Che Guevara.

So the lyrics expose the reality of Cuba and call into question how Jay-Z embraces a socialist regime and a murdering, scumbag racist like Che.